RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas System

The RAPIDPoint® 500e System elevates Siemens Healthineers blood gas offering to a new level, allowing you to spend more time focused on patient care. Implement a proven end-to-end blood gas solution that reduces the daily burden of device management and enables you to give your full care and attention where it matters most.

With an improved user experience, the analyzer transforms care delivery, setting an elevated standard in simplicity, quality assurance, and data security for healthcare organizations.

To give you confidence in every result while reducing the time to diagnosis and treatment, the RAPIDPoint 500e system provides robust accuracy from sample to sample by leveraging the Siemens Healthineers-designed Integri-sense™ Technology—the guardian of patient results. Integri-sense Technology is a comprehensive series of analyzer functional checks and flagging mechanisms designed to deliver accurate test results. It performs frequent quality and blood integrity checks before, during, and after every patient sample. Three levels of independent automatic quality control, multiple calibration routines, and advanced software algorithms combine to enable the RAPIDPoint 500e analyzer to be ready to generate reliable and clinically actionable test results each and every time.

Depend on the RAPIDPoint 500e system to raise the bar in blood gas IT security at your facility with the latest defenses to guard confidential patient data coupled with the leading built-in technology to protect your institution from external cybersecurity threats. The WINDOWS 10 operating system has been equipped with McAfee embedded anti-malware, which blocks unknown and unauthorized programs from running. Other key security advantages include a two-step authentication process, an encrypted password requirement for patient data transfer, and the inclusion of a firewall to block hacking attempts.

This user-friendly and maintenance-free analyzer provides the patient results most needed by clinicians in critical care environments. The simplicity of the RAPIDPoint 500e system centers on the fact that it is a fully cartridge-based analyzer, with no maintenance required. The measurement cartridge includes the planar sensors, sample probe, and CO-ox chamber, so all these components are replaced with every new cartridge.

One of the unique features of the RAPIDPoint 500e system is the sample port. Syringe and capillary samples are handled in exactly the same way, and operator variability is eliminated with hands-free automatic sampling. Only 100 µL of sample is aspirated, and the sample port is part of the advanced clot management and air bubble detection mechanism.

Link: https://www.siemens-healthineers.com/blood-gas/blood-gas-systems/rapidpoint-500e-systems